Sardinia III


Authenticity. It's a word that comes to mind often in Europe, especially when it comes to food.

And Italian food does not get more authentic than being served by a kindly 70-something in her living/dining room, her husband ousted from his easy chair to make room for you and your dining companions just minutes before the first anitpasti is served.

This was all part of the package served up just next door from our agriturismo, at another B&B that welcomes visitors for dinner in less busy times of the year. And so it was that for 30 Euros person, we were treated to a five-course meal (wine and digestifs included) by Giuseppa, the lady of the house, and her elderly sister, who watched us eat with such a smile on her face it's as if she could taste the food herself.

Authentic, simple, and about the 100th reason why I will always travel - for experiences like this.

Giuseppa, the hostess/chef/surrogate mom

 Fellow dinner guests, Martin and Anna-Maria from Germany

 The rest of the eating area

This was far better than the photo suggests

A choice of homemade digestifs... firewater!