Some interesting views in and around Amsterdam and Haarlem over the past three days....

Seen: at Albert Cuyp street market
"Um, ok, give me one of those and two of those, jerkface."

Eaten: in Bloemendaal Aan Zee, at a snack shack
This is "Mexicano", a deep fried concoction involving some kind of ground meat.
As with many of Holland's culinary treats, created for maximum convenience and viscosity, it's best to take a page from the U.S. military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

Seen: At a highway exit ramp leading to Amsterdam
Of all the reactions one might have to the above scenario, the disdain evident on this fellow's face seems the least likely. Although I would probably buy that suit.

Seen: at the same exit ramp, facing the above billboard
This seems to be a more appropriate reaction.

Seen: on bus 176 from Amsterdam to Haarlem
This security screen appears in almost every bus here.
The Comfort Meter is of particular interest to me. How do they know? Isn't 9 a bit high? Obviously they aren't aware of the Mexicano I ate earlier.


KIRBY'S KRIB said...

Love the "turkey" sign. Vintage!