Let me guess, anonymous international visitor. You Googled "Housekeeping" and saw the picture of the attractive housekeeping model above in the Images results. She has made my site - which has absolutely nothing to do with housekeeping - rather popular from all four corners of the world.

I'm sorry, but I don't know what to tell you. I doubt she's actually a housekeeper; and if she was, I doubt even more that your wife/girlfriend would be cool with you hiring her.

The post from October 2010 was just a way to get readers of my travel blog to provide some ideas as to what they wanted to see, and I just happened to have the word "housekeeping" in the text (see below).

Alas, I bid you good luck with your housekeeping search. If you feel like reading a Lonely Planet-approved travel blog in the meantime, welcome.


Dear readers,

For the first time in BCB history, this post is completely unrelated to travel. Just two items...

1) You can now "Like" Big City Blog on Facebook, and add comments there if you want. There will be updates each time there's a new post, plus some other random comments and fun items. Just enter "Big City Blog" in the search bar on FB, or click here to go to it directly.

2) If you have 5 minutes, I've created a short survey in preparation for a potential book, and for any improvements that need to be made to the blog itself.

It's all anonymous, so if you can help out, that would be great.

Click here to get started on the survey. (Did I mention it is 5 minutes maximum? And anonymous?)