Day 2 of the 4-day trip in the South of France trip brought with it quite a bit more rain, but we managed to hit a great little market in the town of Bonnieux. It seems that each town or village hosts a market day on a different day of the week.

At these places, soaps, oils, sausages, wine, and cheese are the main sellers, with fresh produce sweet treats, and tons of kitchsy-but-somehow-tasteful souvenirs also in abundance. Toothpick-holders, soup spoons, tea cozies, you name it. But still, the quality of the food is so high, it makes you never again want to buy a supermarket-packaged item.

The afternoon brought us to Gordes, a dramatic-looking town essentially pasted onto a hillside. More of the same for sale, with the added plus of great art stores and restaurants.

You feel the sense of history in Gordes, much the same as so much of France - things feel as though they are largely untouched from when horses and knights walked the streets, perhaps also selling lavender-scented oven mitts for 10 Euros.

Next up on the blog: a day in Marseille, eh?

The town of Gordes

These walls lined many properties on the drive up to Gordes

Mon dieu! Centuries-old graffiti perverts? The famed Saucisse du Saignon? Or just an extremely juvenile photographer?



The view from Saignon



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