Amsterdam Architecture


In what will become a semi-regular feature here, a small section of a neighbourhood will be be featured from time-to-time. These posts will showcase mostly architecture, but other local quirks and qool things will be highlighted as well.

This past weekend took me to a section along the Amstel River, just on the edge of De Pijp, a neighbourhood packed with character. It was a brisk sunny morning (here's a tip for Amsterdam-bound travelers: the lousy weather doesn't normally wake up until about 11am, so many early mornings can be enjoyed and photographed in calm, sunny times).

This particular section of the river is lined with houseboats, trees and some excellent restored old homes. And when you head out at 9:00am on a Sunday, it's just you, a few other runners, and some ducks.

Throughout Holland, they take their bike-locking seriously

Cool blinds


Anonymous said...

Funny--how do we buy shares in Jeffrey's Cafe?? Im in!

Jeff said...

Not sure yet, Anon... I think they need a southern Spain location though.