Pleasure is the beginning and the goal of a happy life - Epicurus

Europe has reminders of this around every corner it seems, and Paris is the prime example. I'm here for a few days this week, and the city's ability to provide pleasure for the eyes, mouth, nose, and brain is endless.

Day 1 included a metro strike (having just left one in London too), visits with friends, a walk through the Marais, baguettes, cheese, and wine.

Day 2 involved more visits, and a trip to one of the best spots on earth, Shakespeare and Company bookstore. This was followed by a random stop in a small courtyard cafe, where an art exhibition essentially exploded around us.

Day 3 - a walk along Promenade Plantee, a long stretch of gardens across an old aqueduct and then to Parc Belleville, one of the best spots from which to see the city (and almost completely devoid of tourists), then an amazing burger in a tiny spot in one of Grand Boulevrds' passages, basically covered alleys with wine stores, restaurants and stylish folk.

Day 4 - still occurring.

Quelques images from the last few days.

A side view of Notre Dame

Part of the art exhibition

Arts et Metiers metro station

The view from Parc Belleville, environs 16h30

The view from Parc Belleville, environs 17h00

Atop the Bastille monument

Along Promenade Plantee

The stairs at Parc Belleville


Anonymous said...

You have a great eye for photo composition Jeff.

Jeff said...

Merci, anonymous!

Jason said...

Great pics of Paris...I like them alot.

Jeff said...

Jason - thanks a lot; the city makes it pretty easy!