...and it's hats off and a very difficult tot ziens Amsterdam.

Below, the final three days of Amsterdam compressed into a whole whack of photos. And a big thanks to the weather, for mostly cooperating.

Biking all over the city to soak it in, I hit classics like the Brouwerij t'IJ (open daily from 3pm-8pm only), went to a masterfully planned urban area called Westerpark, biked all over town, boogied a night away, strolled through de Pijp and stumbled through various goodbye beers.

You need years to uncover all this city has to offer. Open-air markets, over 1000 cafes, festival after festival, art, parks, and a seemingly endless selection of small spots to call your own and above all be yourself.

It was a fine way to bid farewell to my home of the past 11 months, or 2.5 months if you are reading this from the office of immigration. (i.e. I may be back very soon if work opportunities come to fruition).

It is cliched, yes, but the truth is that it's the people you meet that make it so difficult to leave. A public blog is not the place to really get into naming names, but it's been a very profound experience and I'm so grateful to have met dozens of cool, interesting, intelligent, passionate, kind, fun, and helpful people, a number of whom are now part of my life for good. My life has been enriched enormously.

To those who are thinking of making a similar leap: Go.

De Koffie Salon - Amsterdam's best coffee

The no-frills Brouwerij t'IJ - home brews of varying strength and cheap snacks

From the bench of Brouwerij t'IJ

A standard snack at t'IJ? Hardboiled eggs and salt.

Biking over the Amstel river

One of the many bars of de Pijp, a bustling residential neighbourhood

Loungin' in de Pijp

Westerpark, where nearby all the green space is a collection of theatres, cafes, and a great open-air market on Sundays

Dutch "poffertjes" - small pancakes, soon to be covered with butter and icing sugar


Tera said...

Where did you find the "hats off" statue?

Jeff Funnekotter said...

En route to Westerpark, along a street called Nassaukade... I can't recall the exact name of the park though. Cool hey?

Stefanie said...

Jeff, are you leaving? Forever? When? Is there still time for another koffie at the Koffie Salon?

Jeff said...

Hi Stef - forever is a long time... A lot depends on career options at the moment, and so Lisbon is currently offering the best ones. And you? Alles gut?

Senator M said...

Great posts! Good luck with your move! Hope to see you under sunny skies and Super Bock!

Olivia Leigh said...

In the picture of one of the bars of de PIJB.. why is the girl covering her face?lol
Also those pancake poffertjes things are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
miss you