Shhhh. Very quietly now... I'm keeping my voice down as I'm a little freaked out... I don't want the aliens to hear me.

I assume that there are aliens lurking, that is... they must have travelled via this thing, this yellowish ball in the sky, and I'm not sure what the hell it is.

I have vague recollections of having seen it before, about 4 months ago. The locals even had a name for it... something like "de zon" or "the sun", whatever that is.

Anyway, I'm off to explore this some more, and I may even venture outside without my usual armor of boots, an umbrella, and exasperation.

If I don't report back, it's because they found me, likely on a cafe bench with a crazy grin on my face.


Audrey said...

I think I saw it too Jeff - it was vaguely familiar somewhat like the sun I saw in Canada a year ago. :) Perhaps it was the biertje?

Jeff said...

Haha- I think it might have been the biertje. A nice hallucination though, regardless.