Ich Bin Ein Trade Show Attendee


Greetings from Berlin!

Actually from a Berlin hotel room, as I ponder how to best attack this massive, 10,000 exhibitor-plus Travel Trade Show. I am here covering it as a writer and seeking out opportunities for additional work. As I've never been here before, it also seemed like a great excuse to escape the confines of the Amsterdam apartment.

World's Most Perilous Urinal
(Amersfoort train station, Netherlands, March 10)

The same excuse will also bring me to Malaga at the end of March. Let's just say an Amsterdam winter (and to be fair, all of Europe this year) starts to play tricks on one's mind.

When you're sequestered in your apartment by sideways-blowing rain or just straight showering-with-your-clothes-on rain for what seems like the 100th time, your mind starts to go.

...Hmm, I wonder what shapes my balsamic vinegar will make when it hits the olive oil on my plate? Let's try and make a happy face.

Balsamic Still Life, March 2010

...What's Carlton from the Fresh Prince up to these days? I hope he's well.

...Maybe I should get a tattoo. (This might still happen)

...How about getting vajazzled? (This is less likely to happen)

So you can clearly see that it was time to get out for a bit.

With that, I am off to explore this city for the next 3 days. Auf Wiedersehen.


Anonymous said...

Have you already been to Hackescher Markt or Oranienburger Stra├če? As two young ladies have told you?

Jeff Funnekotter said...

Haha - yes, Thursday night was Hackescher Markt... great tapas restaurant and tequila... ai. Tonight... not sure...

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're in Berlin ... so envious, I've not yet been there - though it is the place to be they say - even young French artists move to Berlin because Paris is getting "old" and "static" ... I guess I've chosen the wrong place to be ... merde! :)
Bisous. Keep me posted!

Joni said...

Is that really a urinal????

Jeff Funnekotter said...

Hey Joni - nope, it's a heater.