Did You Know?


  • That Dutch people love Michael Buble?

  • That there are in fact three red light districts? There's the main one which everyone knows about, and two others in predominantly residential areas. You're walking along a quiet canal-side street, looking casually at the classic walk-up apartments lit up warmly with candles in the window and maybe a cat sleeping on the windowsill...then BAM! Almost-naked woman in a window, framed by neon red lights. Oddly, a nice mix... To my urban planning geeks back in Calgary - take note.

  • That the majority of taxis in Amsterdam are late-model Mercedes? Given the rates they charge, the only surprise here is that they're not Ferraris.

  • That if you were offering the clerk a million dollars in cash, Michael Buble tickets, and a puppy, you still couldn't get an iPhone through T-Mobile here? It's insane what non-residents need to go through to get one.

  • That riding a Dutch bike is highly addictive, and helps clear your head no matter what kind of day or night you've just had?

My ride. 75 Euros - money well spent.
  • That those douchey, pouting teens from Twilight are just as ubiquitous here as in North America?

  • That "gevulde speculaas" is not an uncomfortable gynecological instrument, but rather an amazing Dutch cookie-like treat with almond filling?

  • That clicking on the ads on this page really does work? I made $12.31 (U.S.) in October thanks to you people - that's enough for several pounds of gevulde speculaas. Thank you, and keep clicking every day!


Anonymous said...

Love the site Jeff--keep the postings coming. Youll look great on your new ride. Glad to help subsize the trip with my clicks.


Jeff said...

Thanks Whitty! Glad you like it. Next post comes from Paris...

Unknown said...

Hi Jeff. I stumbled upon this blog while Googling the family name. It's always fun to get a glimpse of how other people view the country.

Keep it up!
Holiday greeting from a fellow Funnekotter