This City Keeps Calling


...and I keep answering.

I can hear the conversation with Paris in my head - "you know it'll never work"... "the age difference is too great"... "you are too high maintenance"... "I think we should see other cities"... "Your coffees are as big as a thimble and you sometimes smell like urine"... you know, all the classics.

Yet I have an irrational, addictive, unhealthy love for this city. I have been here four times in the past 17 months - a sure sign of trouble.

A few more photos of the object of my affection, taken yesterday at dusk from Parc Belleville and this evening from Quai des Jemmapes... more as I have more time in the next week or so. You can also visit any post listed under "Paris" along the left-hand side of this page - there are some nice shots from October '09 as well.


Anonymous said...

... Moi je peux juste confirmer : "highly addictive"
en ce qui concerne ta conversation avec la ville lumière, il y a des choses qui me semblent familières
;) bisous, R.

VOY Alimento said...

It was nice having you :)

Anonymous said...

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