Me and Chi


Signs a North American might be assimilating to a European lifestyle:

  • You first reject, then accept, then regularly seek out, mouldy cheese.
  • Your suits get slimmer.
  • Your love handles do not.
  • Your bathing suit shrinks - not to Speedo-level, mind you, but to at least half the size of the tent-like Abercrombie shorts previously favoured by you and most of your old countrymen.
  • You have not eaten a meal in a car for at least 3 years.
  • You see approximately 92% fewer fake breasts (but who's counting?).
  • You have bought a scooter.

Enter Mister Chi

Mister Chi is the scooter shop in Amsterdam was where I took the plunge and bought this motorized marvel, to help get into town much quicker. They are Chinese-made scooters, as cool (some would say cooler) than the Vespa at about half the price too. They're quiet too, for those of us who like to remain polite Canadians.

I guess the immersion into Europe just became a little more immersive. They are allowed on bike paths, it costs five euros for a full tank of gas, and parking pretty much anywhere is free and easy; it all just made sense.

I live about a 30-minute bike ride to the city center, which is great for fitness but it can be a huge hassle when the wind is blowing in my face (when isn't it?) or I need to get farther (on the bike, it's close to 45-60 minutes to reach friends living on the opposite side of the city).

You can also rent a scooter at Mister Chi to check out Amsterdam. It's a sweet way to get around the city, especially if you want to check out things happening outside the center and want to get around quickly. It's way cheaper than a single taxi ride and about 100% more enjoyable.