Slackin on my Bloggin


A big apology to those regular readers of this blog for the lack of posts of late. It seems regular work and lack of travel contribute to slow bloggage.

Blog life was easier when I had time, simply put. For a long while (too long), infrequent work did make it easier to pick and go to a new place, within Amsterdam or elsewhere in Europe.

And it gave me time to think too, to ponder and write.

What is unemployment (or the over-used term 'funemployment') like? A lot like a Jack Johnson album, I think. At first you're thinking 'hey this is nice - easy, mellow, a good break from the daily clatter of life'. Life slows down, and happily so. You feel the sun on your face. Things are pretty sweet for a while.

By the fourth song, however, you get so colossally bored that you want to jab a fork in your eye, just to shake things up. For this reason, I am also happy to be so busy again.

So the writing will continue, albeit a little slower as regular work life interjects. Some interesting things loom, however, with a few museum visits planned and a trip to Eastern Europe. So stick around, please!