More travel posts coming next week as I hit Lithuania for a visit.

For now, some non-travel observations on the English language and phrases to be mindful of, ones which ideally will be stricken from everyday use:

"Last time I checked...": whatever follows this is going to be a douchey, bitchy comment. And the person saying it also probably didn't check anything either.

"No disrespect, but...": the next words will most definitely be disrespectful.

"....., just sayin'": whatever words precede this are normally much less clever and funny than the person thinks they are. Just sayin'.

"I'm not racist, but...": the words following this will make it sound like the person is.


Victoria said...

Love it! Another of my personal favourites...."Don't take this the wrong way but....."; guaranteeing that the words that follow can only be taken "the wrong way".

Jeff said...

Hear hear!