Cascais Revisted


Cascais, a town so nice I had to see it twice. Above and below are a few more photos of the area, taken a few days after the first visit. Also included are some photos from Estoril, a neighboring town a mere two train stops before Cascais.

Estoril has longer beaches than does Cascais, and the time from stepping off the train and into the sand is literally less than 2 minutes. For added coolness, add in the fact that it has been used in a James Bond movie (Her Majesty's Secret Service).

The following few pictures were taken in Parque Marechal Carmona. An amazing place, just across the road from the ocean.

I see a laughing demon in that tree on the right... anyone else see this?

Cascais is full of English and German restaurants and pubs


At Cais do Sodre transportation terminal

Cascais Continued

Welcome to part II of the photos to follow up from the previous post. The town of Cascais, west of Lisbon and home to the just-about-Westernmost part of Europe.

A little something for the ladies.

Also, the signs.

For Dad.