Christmas Tunes


As Groupon has the cojones to turn down a $6 billion buyout offer from Google this week, one's thoughts turn to what one might do with $6 billion just ahead of Christmas.

More travel? No doubt. A full-time personal pannekoek preparer? Indeed. A 24/7 on-call ear-hair trimmer? Obviously.

But for those of us with more modest means, an iTunes shopping spree will do. Some musical suggestions I've made in the past have been well-received. Here are a few more:

Sometime Around Midnight - The Airborne Toxic Event

Islands - The xx

I Don't Really Mind - Tame Impala

Just Breathe - Pearl Jam

Ghosts - Silver Starling

Old-school fans might like:

On The Dark Side - John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band
Turn it up and dance your whitest, Bruce Springsteen/Courtney Cox dance to this one.

Where I'm From - Digable Planets

Paid in Full (The Coldcut Remix) - Eric B and Rakim
Just nod your head and represent

Somebody's Crying - Chris Isaak


Anonymous said...

Yaa, I love the xx! Check out "Basic Space" if you haven't already heard of my favs!

Jeff said...

Just checked it out... gracias.