Get to Know an Amsterdammer 3


In the third installment of this series, we travel to Delicieux!, a caterer and small restaurant across from Olympisch Stadion, the site in the Amsterdam Oud-Zuid (Old South) area - site of the Olympic Games in 1928.

Name: Camilla

Age: 23

Profession: Waitress

How long have you lived in Amsterdam? About 4 years

List three quick words to describe the city, the first things that come to your mind:
Exciting, beautiful, characteristic, lively (Ed. note - Camilla provided the 4th word for free)

What are some of of your favourite things about living here?
In this city you can go almost anywhere on your bicycle, just about everything is around the corner. I love going to an area that is called "de Jordaan", they have lovely little boutiques with unique things and cafe's where you can have nice lunches, or just for a cup of coffee.

In the summer it's nice to be on the water, there are a lot of canal cruises and nice buildings to see. Nightlife is pretty good, I usually go to Palladium (Ed. - cool website) for a nice cocktail and afterwards there are a lot of nice bars around the Leidseplein to go to.

What do you like the least about living here?
The weather is not always as good as you would like;)

If you weren't living here, where would you want to live?
I think I would want to live somewhere in Italy. I really like Italian people and the cities are amazing.