Angle of Haarlem


Alright, the weather has broken; or at least, it is cloudy but not raining.

Some initial impresssions:

  • Haarlem is home to close to 150,000 people, and it is much whiter than Amsterdam.
  • Huge green spaces and trails give it a much more spacious feeling than its neighbour to the east
  • There's a very good mix of the old and the new - stately 17th century buildings and homes are juxtaposed with modern offices and shops.
  • Its core is pedestrian- and bike-only.
  • The Grote Markt (Big Market) in the center of downtown is exactly the kind of European market you want to see - stalls offering the best in cheese, meats, bread, and sweets, all against the backdrop of towering church towers and cobblestone streets.
  • It wouldn't be Holland without canals winding their way throughout the city and the nearby communities.
Essentially, it is a more manageable, bite-sized version of bustling Amsterdam. It feels like the kind of place that offers a more relaxed lifestyle, where if you want an occasional injection of adrenaline you can hop a car, bus, or train and be tapping your veins in the big city in 30 minutes.

Fiat, for 'Fix It Again, Tony'

Golfers come here to work on their short game

Old and new


melissa said...

Jeff, you are the master of witty blog titles. I bow down to thee.

Joni said...

I think I need a bit of an explanation on the deer and sheep in the park picture... really? Just walkin' around in the park??

Jeff Funnekotter said...

Melissa - thanks; wish I had a wittier response than "thanks" though...

Joni - yes; and it makes hunting very very easy. It's all about convenience here. (Actually it's a kind of open-zoo concept - they are actually fenced in; there are ponies and peacocks as well - pretty cool, especially for kids).