A short 30-minute train ride from central Lisbon - mostly along the river and the coast - takes you to Cascais, a small resort town full of pastry shops, clothing and jewellery stores, restaurants and enough photo ops to burn your memory card.

It was an unbelievable afternoon, crystal clear and 24 degrees. One of those days in paradise that you envision when you set out to travel.

With the train (a mere 3.50Eur round-trip) from Cais do Sodre station to Cascais stopping pretty much right on the small but cozy beach, a long promenade that runs for many kilometers along a rocky coast just to the west, ancient castles and fortresses all around and an improbably perfect park nearby, it made for a memorable day.

There are hundreds of spots to sit amid almost total silence and stare out at a huge ocean, with small trails leading from the sidewalk to any rock to call your own.

So, a new place to add to my list of favorites. And definitely worth a day trip when you come to Lisbon

Below are about half the photos, with more coming in the next day or two.

This could be your daily commute

One of the main streets of Cascais