Moving Day


August 24, 2010

The Full Moon in your 11th House of Social Networking lures you away from your tunnel vision to get a glimpse of the outside world. And although you are normally happy to remain exactly where you are, today you're just as eager to see where things could lead. Take a chance and reach farther than you have in the past. The future is waiting for you if you are ready for it.

And really, who am I, who are any of us, to mess with the stars when the 11th house of Social Networking has a Full Moon?

As such, I am off to Lisbon in a few weeks to live, at least temporarily. Amsterdam will remain a close and fondly thought of friend, with a few more blog posts still coming from here. Otherwise it's Lisboa fo shoa.

This doesn't mean much different for this blog - simply new sights, impressions, and images from a different part of Europe.

And if all 8 of you who read this on a regular basis have any tips, contacts, and general recommendations for Lisbon, please feel free to send them my way.


melissa said...,17949/

diningroomdiarist said...

We were both enchanted by Lisbon so I can understand why you would want to experience it more completely. Good luck and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

The next big chapter Funny--enjoy the experience and good luck-hope it works out.