Below, a brief tale of a farewell visit to the neighbourhood pasta and wine store and its perfetto proprietor, Pino.

Of course Edith Piaf is playing on the cd player, adding to the wistfulness of the moment... of course a fresh bottle of red is opened...of course tagliatelle boscaiola (con prosciutto e funghi) and some waiting slivers of pizza are complimentary...of course a gregarious Austrian tenor stops in and we become fast friends...

This is a little slice of heaven in Amsterdam. This is Amsterdam.

HEMA is an old-school general store found in every neighbourhood - food, toiletries, clothes, light bulbs, bedding, etc

Biking while phoning is even more common than its driving equivalent


Tera said...

So sad to hear you're leaving Amsterdam. Would you share with us your "best of" lists? sites to visit, restaurants, favorite hangouts?

Jeff said...

Hi Tera,
I sure will... stay tuned. Are you in the city, or planning a visit?

Tera said...

Planning a visit in November. wish it was sooner, can't wait!