This week marked the 6-month point of my departure from Canada. The last time I was abroad for this amount of time was at the age of 23, in New Zealand, post-university, pre-corporate life.

And I realize there are a few similarities in both instances - meeting new people from all over the world helps expand one's brain, seeing many things for the very first time never gets old, and getting utterly frustrated when lost in a new city still happens.

But there are some significant differences...

  • At 37, I've actually opted once or twice for a good night's sleep instead of a sure thing; at 23, I would have ridden two buses, a donkey, and walked 3 miles barefoot just for shot at a highly uncertain thing.

  • At 23, I was pretty concerned with how my hair looked; at 37, I am pretty concerned about how my ear hair looks. (FYI - not good. Ear hair. Seriously?)

  • At 23, I was a pretty healthy guy on the road, interested in eating regularly. At 37, I am just interested in being regular.
And I imagine some more differences will come to light in the next few months. Meanwhile, some more photos from Malaga below and a post about Antonio Banderas to come.

The new office. Note the concealing of ear hair.

How good is Malaga? Coffee, freshly-squeezed orange juice, and a fresh ham baguette for 4 Euros. Oh, and the view.


Tia said...

Hello you! Looks like all's going well (very clever ear hair concealment btw ;), just wanted to say hi and that I do remember to read every now and then. I'll go buy you a latte now (how many clicks again?) Cheers! Tia (Vancouver)

Jeff Funnekotter said...

Hey Tia! Wow - nice to hear from you. How is the coaching going? You can reply via Facebook if you'd like. I heard Vancouver was nuts during the Olympics... I really missed it. Although this is quite the place, this Malaga. No idea how many clicks gets me a coffee, but thanks for doing that. Ciao!