Plugged in - Museum Photos


Sitting now in Rotterdam, Netherlands with (finally) a solid Internet connection, after close to 5 days of non-existent or spotty coverage.

There's no getting away from the dependence on the Internet these days - from train tickets to topping up mobile phone minutes to basic blogging, it is sadly pretty vital.

But then there are things like Skype that allow us to connect to parents, grandparents, friends (meeting a great friend's newborn daughter in L.A. while I sit in Montreal or Paris - very cool); booking travel, electronic boarding passes, and so on that make it all quite worthwhile. (P.S. e-mail me if you want to connect via Skype).

Onto some more catch-up. First, some more photos from last week's Musee D'Orsay visit, with a reminder to click on the pictures if you want a closer look.

"Girl Taking a Bath" perhaps. How times have changed; doing a Google search today using the same words yields an entirely different and less artistic result

My personal favorite - lots going on in this painting

You can expect a similar scene when trying to board a train at Gare du Nord

"Early Player" or, for hockey fans, "Ron Duguay" - see below for similar image

From the 1980's collection at "Musee d'Hockey". His chest and stomach topiary is exquisite, non?

(*Note - I'm not sure what cultural karmic wrath I'm incurring by including some of the most masterful art work of our time alongside Ron Duguay posters, but I imagine it won't be pretty.)

One of the "Grand Salles"

This clock is likely 30-35 feet tall - it rests on a bank of windows at one end of Musee D'Orsay, and the photo doesn't do it justice. Amazing stuff.